Fabio Rossi Sciedlarczyk

Fabio Rossi Sciedlarczyk

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First Name * Fabio
Last Name * Rossi Sciedlarczyk
Username * Scied
Country * Brazil
City Sao Paulo
Nationality Brasilian / Italian
Languages EnglishItalianPortuguese


Current Position Compositor;Lighter;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingMotion Picture or VideoPost Production
Preferred Tools MAYAModelingLighting3ds maxCompositingZBrushTexturingnukeAfter EffectsRenderingRendermanShading3delightRenderman Studio


Availability: Full time


I am passionate about working with CG since I was 13. I really can't think of any other profession that could make me more happy or realised.

I am very interested in history of art, art discussion and art production in general.

o learn and I am always studying by myself, reading books and keeping myself
informed to know more about visual productions (color, balance etc), photography, CGI, movie making and design. I have a designer degree and am working professionally with CGI in the advertising industry for a bit more than 5 years.

I worked in some of the best studios in Brazil such as trattoria filmes, casa blanca FX and O2 Filmes. I also did a lot of projects in which I had to do everything by myself from modeling to compositing, those projects gave me a lot of experience. My strenghts are primarily in lighting, shading and rendering but I am also capable of production quality modeling and texturing.

My objective is to work in overseas doing stuff that I am really proud of.


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